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Listed below are the dates, call times, and operational hours for our upcoming summer event, Nightmare Combat! 


1. If you are going to be late for any reason, please let us know! Make sure you’re taking traffic into account as you begin your commute. If you run into issues on your way in, let us know as soon as possible that you’re running behind. Do not wait until after your call time to tell us you’re going to be late and please don’t make us reach out to you. Things happen, but you need to be proactive in letting us know. Showing up late without letting us know will result in a write up.
*Bonus: if you know you’re going to be late (like coming in from work or school), let us know NOW by emailing staff@fearcolumbus.com.

2. Doors close is not the time you get dismissed. We dismiss once the last group has gone through your scene (usually 30 minutes at most). If we’re going to be running way over, we’ll make sure to communicate it to you as quickly and accurately as possible, but sometimes it can be difficult to get an exact minute read just because guests can be a little unpredictable at times. Keep in mind this is a timed ticketing event and it is SOLD OUT. We won’t sell any more tickets and the last group lines up 15 minutes prior to doors closing. Your Lead will follow the last group through your scene and dismiss you from there.

NOW is the time to inform your ride or anyone else who may need to know this!!  
Please do not gatekeep this information from your dad who’s gonna show up telling us we’re holding his kid hostage. You were all sent my personal number via email and should give it to anyone you think may need to reach you throughout the night. 

Haunt Scheduler

This program is what you’ll use for all things scheduling!

Once registered, you will receive an email instructing you on how to use this system. It’s super easy and straight forward!

You will be able to view your schedule/position once you’re all set up. This is also what you’ll use to clock in/out for your shifts. Your hours will be recorded and available on your profile as well.

It is completely up to you to keep an accurate record of your hours worked.
This means clocking in and out on time. The time that you clock in is when you’ll start getting paid. Forgetting to clock out will result in your hours manually being adjusted to the time the doors close, not the time you’re dismissed. Forgetting to clock in at all will result in not getting paid for that shift.

*Makeup Artists: If you are doing makeup and then working as either an actor or event staff member when we open, clock in on Haunt Scheduler after you complete makeup for the night. There is a sheet at each station to track your makeup hours which will need to be manually added to payroll by us. If you are working another position outside of makeup, that position will be displayed in Haunt Scheduler and you will be made aware of your makeup schedule via email.

We believe in paying you for all the work you do, but with a staff of over 100 people, it is not possible for us to keep an accurate mental record for every operational night. Please help us make sure we’re able to pay you accurately by clocking in and out correctly for each shift!