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Can I change the date or time of my ticket?

You may change your ticket to a different date or time for the same event type as long as there is availability still remaining. You may not transfer your tickets to a different event type. For example a Fear Columbus Season ticket cannot be transferred to Blackout or Krampus. But you may move your date to any other date during the same season.

All ticket changes MUST be done online through our ticketing portal. We can not change tickets over the phone or via an email request. You can login to our online portal using the email you used to purchase tickets with. If you did not setup an account originally you will just click “forgot password” and you will be sent an email to setup your password.

Online Ticketing Portal

Reset Password/ Setup Account 

Nightmare Combat tickets are the exception and due to limited availability we do not allow changing dates or times if you miss your event date. You may however exchange any unused Nightmare Combat ticket from 2021 for a Fear Columbus ticket to this season. This offer expires on 10/31/2021. You just need to complete this form and we will send you a link to redeem your new tickets.


Updated on July 28, 2021

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