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Working at Fear Columbus

We’re looking for people to join our dynamic team for a unique and fun experience! This seasonal opportunity is perfect for spooky individuals seeking extra income by creating monsters, becoming monsters, and/or assisting guests to the monsters. Our diverse staff, spanning ages 16-70 with various daytime occupations, ensures a welcoming environment and inclusive atmosphere. While the Halloween season is our main event, we also host some off- season events throughout the year like Love is in the Scare (Valentine’s Day), Nightmare Combat (Summer Laser Tag), and Krampus (Holiday Season).  Explore the available positions below and apply for a bone chilling adventure with us!

Call Times and Operational Hours Nightmare Combat

Friday Call Times

Saturday and Sunday Call Times

Get paid to scare your friends and strangers by joining our performance team! No prior experience is required– just be prepared to be moderately active for 4-6 hours and be able to follow simple acting instructions. We have various positions available and are ADA compliant, so there’s room for all. 

Applicants for Performance should note that this can be a disorienting atmosphere to some, including elements of fog, strobes, dark areas, and loud sounds/music. We have a wide variety of scenes and can be fairly accommodating, but one or more of these elements will be present in every scene.

Passionate about Halloween but not into costumes? Join our Event Crew! Perfect for horror enthusiasts who would rather not participate in the actual horror, this role involves customer interactions before and after the attractions. Positions include crowd directors, ticket scanners, and more. We are looking for friendly and outgoing individuals who are eager to help. We are ADA compliant and an equal opportunity employer. Come as you are – tattoos, piercings, and colorful hair welcome!

Applicants for Event Staff should note that, while not working in the actual attractions, some elements may still be present (just not as intensely) such as fog and loud music. We provide all staff with earplugs and, when necessary, microphones to make communication in this environment easier. This job will keep you quite active. In some instances, light lifting for set up and tear down may be required, but we’re easily able to work with anyone’s needs. 

Interested in creating the creatures at Fear Columbus? Apply to be a makeup artist with us! Experience with SPFx makeup is required, but Haunted House experience isn’t necessary. We’re looking for individuals who are able efficiently to transform staff into creatures of the night using airbrush, latex, prosthetics, masks, and gore. The ideal candidate would also be attentive to cleanliness, sanitation, and organization. We provide a great makeup space and supply all needed materials. While not required, you can also explore acting or working on Event Staff for additional hours. Join us and grow your skill set! 

Please Note! While we are only looking to hired folks with previous SPFX experience, we do typically like to hire within when possible. If you are interested in learning makeup, we invite you to join our team as a member of Event Staff or Performance as we host several makeup classes in house throughout the year!