Select Nights Sept. 13 - Nov. 2

Lost Items

Lose something? We Can Help!

If you lost anything while visiting Fear Columbus or any events hosted at our facility we will do our best to quickly find and return your item. The lost item form is connected in real time to notify our management team and key members of our event staff. We promise this form is the fastest way to get your item returned.

Please be aware that for the safety of guests and our staff we can not actively look for lost items inside the haunted houses while the attraction is operational. At the end of each night our team will begin looking through the attractions for your item. We make no guarantees that we will find your item but we do find 90% of lost items.

When completing the form please make sure your contact information is correct so that we can contact you if your item is found. We will also reach out if we do a search and are unable to find your item.  If you lost a cell phone please make sure to leave an alternative phone number we can contact.