Select Nights Sept. 13 - Nov. 2

Refund Policy

Fear Columbus LLC and Francis Frights LLC

All events held at Fear Columbus either by Francis Frights LLC or a 3rd party entity have a strict no refund policy.  By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to waive rights to a refund.

You are agreeing to take responsibility for any mistakes or typos you make during the ticket buying process. Make sure to review your cart before hitting the order submit button. 

All events are held rain or shine. Raincheck or refunds will never be given for weather related circumstances unless an event is officially cancelled. If an event is officially cancelled your tickets can be redeemed for a set future date but refunds will not be given to those unable to make any future date. You agree that weather and travel advisories or warnings that limit travel do not warrant a refund unless the event is cancelled. 

All refund policies in place are intended to make the ticket buying experience as fair as possible for all guests. Our events sell out in advance so we are required to put measures in place to prevent fraud, reselling or ticket scalping. 

You agree that by purchasing a ticket you forfeit making any Credit Card disputes or chargebacks related to your purchase in an attempt to obtain a refund. All order information, timestamps of when your tickets were scanned, photo and video evidence of your participation at the event will all be submitted to the credit card company investigating your payment dispute. 

Tickets may be transferred or sold to someone else but Francis Frights can not guarantee or verify a ticket’s validity prior to scanning. Please only purchase tickets from a trusted source or directly from our website. 

When purchasing tickets you will be selecting a specific date and time for your arrival. You will only be permitted to enter up to 15 minutes prior or after your selected time.  If your date and time passes without being scanned your tickets will be void and you will forfeit a refund. If you need to reschedule your tickets for a different date this must be completed via the self service portal using the secure link in your email confirmation. Fear Columbus can not guarantee availability when rescheduling your tickets because more dates sell out in advance. We can also not guarantee an email response to reschedule or refund your tickets especially during peak dates.  No response for a refund or reschedule email request should be assumed that we can not reschedule or refund your tickets. Our failure to reply to a question regarding the refund policy does not void our refund police and is not required.

Rescheduling, refunds, or credits for future events is never permitted for Nightmare Combat under any circumstances. This includes but is not limited to weather, illness, or any other circumstances outside your control. This special event has very limited capacity and very limited dates every year. Please do not purchase tickets to this event if you are not comfortable with these terms. This is the only event that doesn’t allow rescheduling. 

We make no guarantees that you will enter the attraction at your scheduled time. The time you select is the time you are required to enter the waiting line to control crowds and reduce our wait times. You have a 15 minute window to arrive after your arrival time. Please be aware that extended wait times, delays, or technical difficulties are not grounds for refunds or rescheduling. Please make proper scheduling and travel accommodations in the event our operation is running behind schedule or wait times are longer than expected. Wait times vary and are unpredictable so we are unable to provided estimated wait times in advance. 

By purchasing a ticket you acknowledge that this is a live performance that varies greatly between nights and groups.  We make no guarantees you will have the same experience as other groups. Our acting staff and size varies on a nightly basis as does the overall performance.

Your ticket guarantees you entrance to walk through all currently operational portions of the attractions. Certain rooms, attractions or exhibits may be closed on select nights with no notice. It does not guarantee any specific spacing between “groups”. You understand that on some nights you could be walking through the attractions with other guests directly ahead and behind you. We make absolutely no guarantees of any group spacing as we can’t control other customer’s behavior. 

You acknowledge that all events hosted at Fear Columbus are self guided and all groups walk at different paces. We can not guarantee the same pacing between groups but will always do our best to provide the best spacing possible based on current attendance. You understand that you are agreeing to continue walking at a steady pace at all times while in the attraction. You understand that you may encounter ushers and other staff members helping to control guest traffic through the attraction. Any actions of other guests that impact your experience is not means for a refund or compensation. We will work with you to reschedule your visit if other guests negatively impacted it but we do not offer refunds. Stopping or walking/running at a pace that effects other groups at any point for any reason can result in immediate removal from the attraction without a refund.

If anything at all negatively impacted your experience please find a staff member before leaving the property to give us an opportunity to correct the situation.  Their is staff stationed at the merch counter and at the front entrance at all times. You can also find any security officer and ask them for a manager. 

Please reach out to immediately after leaving if any other guest negatively impacted your experience and we will immediately work with you to reschedule and potentially even on the same night if capacity allows. Please just note that 

If you have any questions regarding our refund policy please email us at