We have taken our most popular attraction to a whole new level. We have upgraded this experience in every way. 2022 is the final year of Aftermath before it is completely rebuilt and rethemed.

You will experience a post-apocalyptic city that is in total chaos. This attraction might even feel more like an action movie than a haunted house at some points. You will walk the city streets of Rapture filled with full-size storefronts, overturned cars, a giant asylum with patients let loose. The city is in complete anarchy, and we are dropping you right in the middle of it. Featuring all-new characters, a majorly updated sound and lighting system, more props and scenic details, and over double the scares of last year.

A look inside

Aftermath: Anarchy has kept the best parts of the previous theme and renovated every single scene to bring you much more immersive experience. Our post apocalapytic city scenes have always been the crowd favorites so we wanted to really polish them for this season. We have been working all year creating set pieces, costumes, props, and upgrading the sound, lighting and special effects. Take a peak at some of the scenes you will experience inside Aftermath: Anarchy.