Select Nights Sept. 13 - Nov. 2

In 2023, brace yourself for ‘The Summoning: Darkest Depths’. Traverse the shadowy passageways where the cult’s dark ambitions intensify, beckoning mysterious entities from the void. Stand face-to-face with the zealous cult members and the enigmatic forces they’ve conjured. Delve deeper into unknown realms, reaching the very heart of the abyss. This year reveals masterfully crafted sets, more scares than ever before, and an ensemble of chillingly enigmatic characters.

A look inside

The Summoning is completely brand new for 2021. This attraction has taken almost an entire year or design and creation. Our team has been working all summer creating set pieces, costumes, props, designing the sound, lighting and special effects. Take a peak at some of the scenes you will experience inside The Summoning.