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It was well worth the 3 hour drive. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a thrill.

Jason Ashick

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Largest and most elaborate haunted house I've ever been to. 

Slam Sandwich

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It was incredible! I will definitely go again. My friends and I had a blast, it is very fast paced!!

Joseph Coale

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This was such an awesome experience. There was 5 in our group and we had a blast. The actors were great and so realistic.


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Alot of fun. Me and the guys had tones of fun it was actually scary.

Stephen Elliott

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It was really fun and the scares were good. Even getting scared from behind after already passing.

Sharmaine Merritt

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Been a while since I've been to a place that got my blood pumping and this place did it had a great time

Chris Rinehart

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Had a ton of fun here with my friends it was perfect!

d wynn

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It was amazing. Came here for my bachelor party. We had a great time. Can't wait to come back again.

Dennis Arias

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Nicole Bilski

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So much creativity was put into this event and the show seems to be thriving. Actors were high energy and engaging

Katana Goss

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The decor was amazing!! Everything looked super realistic. The actors were awesome.

Missy McCoy-Akers

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I haven’t screamed so loud in forever! They did an incredible job with the props. Extremely disturbing/scary, which we loved.

Baylee Alexander

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Loved it! It was my family's first time and it was awesome!!!!

Levita C Morgan

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It was the scariest haunted house I have ever been to and had the most and best actors, worth the money.

Maryam Bagheri

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Great actors, realistic sets, 10/10 best haunted house I’ve ever been to.

Becca Goletz

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Was phenomenal great experience we had lots of fun.

Bo Delancey

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The staff was kind and the event was terrifying but incredibly fun.


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Very exciting and unique experience. Very cool. Worth every penny.

Michael Jennings

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This place is amazing, if you are looking for a fun experience definitely worth giving a shot ... not your average Haunted house

Sam White

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Great special effects. Best Haunted House I've been to.

Drew Andrews

Google Review

Never had so much fun in my life. Had the best time ever...

Deanna Mullins

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