What is Fear Columbus?

Fear Columbus is a newly designed haunted house in Columbus, Ohio featuring two immersive attractions.  Explore this page to learn about what sets us apart from other haunted houses and why we think you should choose to make us your new Halloween tradition.

Sound & Lighting

Fear Columbus features a brand new state-of-the-art sound and lighting system. Our system features over 150 speakers and thousands of individually controlled lights. Feel the sound in your chest with concert grade subwoofers throughout. Every scene features customized audio to match the scene and lighting that brings the sets to life. On top of this, every actor has their own dedicated soundtrack and lighting cued to their act.  You won’t find a bunch of actors just yelling in your face here. You will have professionally mastered audio that’s synced to a character’s every move. 

Live Performers

Come face to face with the best actors around! Our performance team consists of highly trained actors with professionally designed costumes, masks, and makeup. These actors are acting with our company year-round at all of our events so they are getting much more experience than other haunted house actors you will find. 

Movie Quality Sets

You will journey through a 40,000 square feet immersive environment featuring Hollywood Quality sets.  Our scenes are changed every year and feature changes for each of our off-season events we host as well.  

Timed Entry Ticketing

At Fear Columbus, all tickets are sold online only. You select your Entry Time and date when you purchase your tickets. This evenly spreads out our guests over the evening, reduces your wait time, and allows for a much better customer experience all around. We have been utilizing this for the past year and our customers couldn’t be happier with the change!

Lifetime of Experience

Fear Columbus is owned and operated by Columbus, Ohio residents Nick and Jess Francis. Nick has been building haunted houses since he was five years old and was one of the co-founders of The Fear Experience in Cleveland, Ohio. Jess has been working in the haunted attraction industry with Nick for the past ten years. Along with Nick and Jess, their General Manager, Marco D’Andrea has been working with haunted houses since he was a child. He worked for the previous owners of 13th Floor Columbus and Scareatorium. When this location was acquired by Nick and Jess, it was an easy decision to make Marco a key member of the team.

2 Brand New Attractions

2 New Exciting Themes

The story continues in 2022. Journey through the house of a cult that has set out to summon the worst entities imaginable. You will come face to face with these cult members and the demons they have brought to this world. The second half of the attraction takes you deep into the demon’s lair. The experience features expertly detailed sets, a state-of-the-art sound system, all-new lighting design, costumes, characters and so much more!

We have taken our most popular attraction to a whole new level. We have upgraded this experience in every way. 2022 is the final year of Aftermath before it is completely rebuilt and rethemed.

You will experience a post-apocalyptic city that is in total chaos. This attraction might even feel more like an action movie than a haunted house at some points. You will walk the city streets of Rapture filled with full-size storefronts, overturned cars, a giant asylum with patients let loose. The city is in complete anarchy, and we are dropping you right in the middle of it. Featuring all-new characters, a majorly updated sound and lighting system, more props and scenic details, and over double the scares of last year.

Tickets starting at $19.99

Prices vary based on date and demand. Check calendar for current pricing.

Scream Past the Line

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FREE Parking

We have plenty of FREE parking in front of our building in our well-lit paved parking lot.