Fear Columbus Haunted House - Ohio Halloween Attractions

Previously 13th Floor Columbus

Haunted House in Columbus, Ohio

Live Action Survival Horror Experience

Battle Monsters With Cutting Edge Laser Tag Weapons

Nightmare Combat is a special, once a year event in Columbus, Ohio that combines the thrills and chills of the Halloween season with the exhilarating fun of laser tag! This tactical experience puts your survival skills to the test by putting you face to face with the creatures that haunt your dreams. You will receive a cutting edge weapon modeled after an M4 so you’re ready to take on whatever it is lurking in the dark.

A New Year. A New Fear.

We’re bursting with excitement to debut our new brand for 2021.  Previously 13th Floor Columbus, we have big things planned for the new year and we wanted a fresh brand to go along with that. We have not only changed our brand but we have a full year of special events and surprises ready for Columbus. 

Columbus Haunted House ATTRACTIONS

2021 Attractions Coming Soon

The Summoning

It may appear to be just an old house on the outside, but step inside and discover something much, much darker. A family is being plagued by nightmares so horrid, they’ve chosen to forego sleep altogether. But what’s worse? A terrible dream you can wake up from or hallucinations in your waking life? Step inside and discover it for yourself.


Once a peaceful town, the city of Rapture is now in chaos as the patients from the WIMM Asylum have escaped into the streets. Even worse, Ward A is full of subjects being treated for cannibalistic tendencies and have been the asylum’s best kept secret for generations. These treatments, however, seem to be proven unsuccessful, as the “Unknown” make their way out into the world to feed their ever growing hunger.