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Contact Us

Under no circumstances should you be reaching out to us via social media, our personal emails, and personal phone numbers. Please use either the staff email or phone number provided below and we will get back to you during normal business hours. Thank you!

If you don’t see a resource anywhere on the cast page that will help resolve an issue, answer a question, or help fulfill a request, you can reach us via our staff email oh phone number.  

If there is a form on this page that pertains to what you need, you need to use that form first. Please also do us a favor as well and make sure to utilize the resources supplied to you (such as the Handbook or Training Documents) before coming to us directly. We try to be as thorough as possible and usually have already supplied the answer you’re looking for.

Please also make sure you’re checking your email (even just once a week) as that’s how we primarily communicate information and it can get frustrating when that information isn’t being received due to a lack of being read by staff. However, there’s definitely a possibility of you bringing something to our attention that we didn’t even think of, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you cannot find the answer in the materials provided! 

Business Hours

We will be available to assist you during the following hours.


Weekends (Only During Off Season Events and Halloween Season)
Hours will vary, but they will typically start at 9am and end at the first call time.




Our entire core team (Jess, Nick, Marco, Austin) has access to this account, so you can email this one directly and the right one of us will respond to you. In order to keep everything in one place, this is the account we will all be using to respond. If you have a more personal question or concern, you can use this email to reach out to us with the name of the person you’re trying to reach and the correct person can contact you more privately from there.

Phone Number

(614) 233-1552
Please use this phone number to reach us before and during operational hours. Though email is always preferred, you can call, text, and leave voicemails at this number. It will direct your call accordingly during business hours. This phone number should be used to get in touch if you’re running late or need call off last minute.

Please also pass this number along to anyone who may need to reach you while you’re in the attractions. It will direct their call to us and we’ll be able to take action from there. 

Calling Off

If you are calling off for a date in the future, you need to use the call off request form found on the cast page.

If calling off day of, please use either the staff phone number or email. Day of call offs need to be in no later than 4 hours prior to your call time. Obviously very last minute things do arise, but please don’t wait until 30 minutes past call time to call off when you’ve known you can’t come in all day. Just be proactive with us. so we can be proactive with staffing.