Rules and Guidelines

Hey there!

Here you’ll find our House Rules. We do like to be totally transparent and as thorough as possible to make sure all expectations are clear. We want it to be harder to break a rule than it is to just follow it because we truly want to keep everyone here on staff. Firing/getting fired is straight up just not fun, so we want to make sure we’re all on the same page.

This list has been and will continue to be updated as our business grows and changes. Please let us know if there’s anything you think would be helpful for this list! It can be rules, guidelines, or really anything that will set you and the team up for success!


For a more in depth and complete overview of the company, you can view the entire handbook by clicking below.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Honesty: We need to be able to trust each other, so we believe in full transparency and honesty here. If you are caught being dishonest, disciplinary actions up to and including termination will be taken. Please be mindful that we are all in constant communication with our leads and core team, and usually hear everything. Don’t try to bounce between us just because we each oversee different aspects of the business. 
  • Communication: All communication needs to be done in an appropriate manner. We’re here to listen, but cannot be available 24/7. Usually we’re super swamped as we’re getting ready to open and we don’t want you to feel like we’re being dismissive or don’t care. To keep communication as smooth as possible and to make sure we’re able to help as quickly as possible, please do your best to bring questions and concerns to us ahead of the event via email. This is the absolute best way we can make sure everyone gets a response!
    • Any questions or concerns you have before an event can be communicated to us via email at
    • If there isn’t a form available for your specific request or question, please email us so we can get back to you!
    • If you are calling off the day of an event, you need to do so either by emailing or calling/texting our business number: (614) 233-1552. You also need to call us if you’re running late. Please do not make us call you.
    • Under no circumstances should you be contacting us at our personal numbers or social media. Thank you!
  • You Get What You Get: We will do everything we can to put you in the scene or position you want to work, but there will also be nights where we need you in a certain spot or need to move you for a number of reasons. Please do not argue or get an attitude if you come in and aren’t placed in your first choice. There will for sure be nights where you get the role you want, but the trade off for that is sometimes stepping up and being flexible when we need you to be. 
  • Truly No Small Scenes: The scene you’re in is not an indication of how great of an actor you are. If there’s an issue, we will address it directly with you and work together to resolve it. We won’t passively put you in a scene as a form of punishment…everyone here deserves to be here and will work a number of different scenes across different nights. Everything is designed to get a scare, so just have fun with it and have some damn faith in yourself!
    • We also don’t believe in “Paying Your Dues”. If you’re right for a scene, you’re right for a scene! It’s all about what makes the show the best it can be and everyone has the equal opportunity to thrive.
  • Stay In Your Scene: Unless you’re a House Creeper or Performance Lead, you should only be acting in your scene. Do not follow a group and steal someone else’s scare and/or miss your next one. Alert your Performance Lead, House Creeper, or grab a walkie to tell someone before you leave your scene.
    • Similarly, if you need to leave for the night, please tell someone! This is a dark, 40.000 sq/ft building…easy to get lost in, so we want to make sure we aren’t losing you! Do not just up and leave your scene and then send us on a search and rescue expedition.
  • No Cell Phones, Electronics, or Air Pods: Cell phones and all electronics will be put in your lockers before entering the attractions or going to your positions. You’re more than welcome to use them in the cast lounge during your break. Give our business number, (614) 233-1552 to anyone who may need to reach you during the night. Should someone need to reach you, we will get the call and make sure to relay any urgent and important messages back to you.
    • Should a cell phone or any electronics be seen in the attractions, it will be taken from you immediately and returned to you at the end of the night. We will not issue a warning to put it away, it will just be taken. 
  • Only Water and Sports Drinks are Permitted In The Building: Consuming sugary drinks all night can lead to dehydration, fatigue, stomach aches, and overheating. Water bottles are provided to you in infinite amounts to keep you hydrated. We’ve also got Liquid IV available. Sports Drinks like Poweraid and Gatorade are also permitted.  From the time you clock in to the time you clock out, you will only be permitted to drink water or Sports Drinks. Any drink outside of water (soda, energy drinks, coffee) will be confiscated and pitched. Drink whatever you want before you come in, but once you’re here, drink your water!
  • Snacks: Snacks are permitted and encouraged, but no trace should be left behind. Snack privileges will be revoked if we find the evidence in your scene at the end of the night. Make sure you’re choosing snacks that will nourish you and not make you throw up.
    • We provide healthy snacks here for you nightly!
  • Dress Code
    • Performance should wear all black attire with no visible logos. This is required. There are going to be hot nights, so you can wear t-shirts and tank tops. Pants should be long or capris, no shorts. If you will be wearing a dress, you can bring shorts to wear under them, but we should not be able to see anything hanging out.
    • Event Cast should wear casual, clean street clothes containing no inappropriate language or graphics. We will provide a shirt and lanyard for you to wear upon arrival.
  • Staff Bathrooms: Staff bathrooms are located in the back egress near the warehouse. Keep them clean, keep them stocked. We’ll always provide sanitary products, first aid, and some other little essentials.
    • Absolutely do not take your makeup off in the bathroom sink. The sink located next to the fridge is where you should go. We provide Ponds Cream, Baby Wipes, and Alcohol. We also got new makeup that should be easier to take off!
  • Breaks: 10-15 minute breaks will be given periodically throughout the night depending on the event. Specifics will be communicated at the daily kick-off meeting. They are given by Creepers and Designated Event Staff Members who will make their way through their Zones periodically. Once everyone in their Zone has had a break, Creepers and Breakers will take a mandatory minute break for themselves.
    • You will get a stop watch from your Creeper when they come to break you. As soon as it goes off, that’s your queue to head back to scene. It is YOUR responsibility to be back on time to ensure everyone gets a break. It will be communicated by your Breaker if you are late, and you will not get paid for your break.
    • It is not mandatory for you to take your break, but this may mean you will not get a break, as your Breaker will be busy with other staff. You also don’t need to take the full break, but I would encourage you to at least take the opportunity to get water, have a snack or use the bathroom!
    • Remember: There can be 10-15 actors per Zone and ONE Creeper. Please be patient with them. If you need something immediately, you can use a Walkie to reach someone. Creepers are running around all night tending to their zone and typically only fall behind if actors in their zones are falling behind or need their attention.
  • Smoke Breaks: Smoking will not be permitted at all while you are clocked in. This includes your breaks. Smoke away before and after your shift, but not during operational hours.
    • Vaping is okay during your breaks but never in the attractions.
  • Injury or Illness: If you get hurt, alert someone as soon as possible. You will need to fill out an incident report form and a possible declination of medical treatment form as well, no matter how small the injury. This helps us keep an accurate record and protects you to make sure you’re getting the care you need.
    • If you need to go home due to injury or illness, alert your Leads, Creepers, or Costume Lead. You will not be permitted to sit in the cast lounge all night, so make sure you have reliable transportation (reliable meaning someone not also working in the attractions as we cannot lose 2 actors. In this instance, you will need to find another ride or we can call you an Uber and deduct it from your paycheck).
    • First Aid stations are located around the building, including the Staff Lounge, Haunt Hub, Event Hub, Store, and both bathrooms. Please use them if you need them, and mark on the sheet on the side of the station when we’re running low or out of something.
  • Hygiene: First and foremost, please make sure you’re showering. Wear deodorant. We have spray deodorant available to you in the bathrooms and changing rooms and will not hesitate to spray you down if we walk through your scene and smell you.
  • Be Respectful of Your Surroundings and Yourselves: This is a physical job, but you don’t need to kill yourselves over it. We care immensely about your well being and don’t want to see you getting hurt just to get a scare. There’s a weird affinity for showing off “battle scars” and bruises at the end of the night…these things may happen every now and then, but if they’re constant, you aren’t doing your job correctly.
    • Not only did a lot of time and money go into these sets, but a lot of literal blood, sweat, and tears are well. Please be mindful and kind to your surroundings. Don’t be so rough that you’re breaking props and/or sets. Clean up after yourselves when leaving your scene (grab your trash and water bottles), keep the cast lounge clean and don’t leave trash everywhere at the end of the night. This really nice space is provided for you, just do us a solid and keep it nice.
    • You should not be banging on walls, speaker scare buttons, or anything around you hard enough where anything is breaking. Holes or damages that were not part of our original distressing should not exist at the end of the night.
    • Lighting, sound, and music should not be tampered with at all.
  • Relationships: Friendships and relationships do happen here, but please keep them consensual.
    • If you’re interested in someone and express that interest, that’s totally fine. However, if they shut it down and you continue to pursue, you will be terminated for harassment.
    • If a relationship ends, you can both continue to work here as long as you keep it professional. The second it becomes an issue at work, employment will not continue.
    • Keep in mind that there are staff members here ranging from 16-70. Although legally in the range of consent, there’s absolutely no reason a grown adult should be pursuing someone still in High School.
  • Staff Participation: While we want to be mindful of everyone’s comfort level and don’t want to force anyone into anything, there are certain aspects of this shindig that we feel is important and will require ALL staff participation.
    • ALL staff (Performance, Event, Creepers, Leads…) will be required to be at the daily staff meeting that takes place before we open every night, NO exceptions.
      • This is to make sure we’re all on the same page heading into the night, and this is also the time to ask questions and get clear. We will not be stopping or deterring from the opening process once the meeting is over to answer questions and concerns that should have been brought to our attention BEFORE trying to get guests into the building.
      • Though you don’t need to get *in* the Pump Up Circle, ALL staff will also need to be in the room for it, cheering each other on and coming together as a team.
  • Take Care of Each Other: If you notice another cast member is in distress, help them…in and out of the attractions. Be good to each other, look out for each other. Speak to each other respectfully and communicate if there’s an issue. Don’t talk behind someone’s back or spread rumors and negative energy…either work it out amongst yourselves or don’t speak about it at all.If someone is hurt, don’t swarm. It only takes one or two people to help another person. You should not leave your scene if someone is already on top of it.
    • Zero tolerance policy for harassment, inappropriate behavior, or sexual misconduct.