Employee Resources

Call Off and Scene Request Forms

Call Off Request

This is the only way we allow staff to call off in advance. Currently, all staff will be marked as “available” for every operational night and will need to submit a call off request in order to be marked off the schedule for the requested date.

The deadline to get your call off requests in for September is Friday, August 19. Call off requests for October need to be made two weeks in advance to the date you’re requesting off.

We will always approve time off requests as long as we are absolutely able to. Keep in mind this is a live show that depends on actors to bring scenes to life. We try our best to keep a large enough staff that allows us to approve as much time off as possible while also keeping the scenes filled and those on event staff not left overwhelmed with customers. Time off is important and necessary, so we will always do everything in our power to make something work and are usually able to do so with enough notice.

We typically ask our staff to have the availability to work 75% of the Halloween Season and 3 of the 4 off season events. Although there will always be unique situations and some necessary exceptions, frequent call offs will not be accepted. Due to the nature of this business only being open on select dates throughout the year, we do try to be as flexible as possible but cannot keep people on staff who are barely able to work out of total fairness to the staff with more availability. Everyone on staff is entitled to the same time off as their peers, so we need your help and participation in making sure we can allow the same privilege to everyone. While we will always want to be able to approve time off, we try our best to reserve approvals for special situations while also taking into account inevitable last minute calls offs due to emergencies, illnesses, or injuries. It all boils down to a healthy balance for all.

At this time, we are not able to approve time off to walk through the attractions as a customer, no exceptions.
While our desire is seriously for all of you to see the show in action, we cannot do so until the show is staffed in full every night, giving us the ability to allow everyone on staff the opportunity to take off and walk through.
Think of this as a live play, just not on a single stage. As an actor in the play, you would not abandon your part and affect the show just to watch it (which is now incomplete due to your absence anyway). While we have the number of people on staff to make this happen, we have yet to see the availability line up in our favor. Out of fairness to everyone, you will be denied access as a customer for the time being and will receive a write up should you show up to walk through (especially on busy nights or nights where not all scenes are filled). Again, the goal is to get to the point where we can allow you to walk through, we just need your help and cooperation as a team to get there!

Scene Requests and Anti-Requests

Is there a scene you’ve been dying to try out? A scene you love and want to always be placed in? Please use the “Request Scene” Form below to let us know! With enough notice, it’s super easy to place you in your preferred scene.

If there’s a scene you prefer not to work, you can also use the “Anti-Scene” request form to let us know. With this form, please keep in mind that these requests will be reserved for those on staff with medical or legitimate reasons as to why they can’t work the scene and we may request a further documentation if we feel it’s necessary. This environment is designed to be unsettling which means it’s going to be loud, foggy, and use special lighting (strobes, bright lights, some super dark areas). There really aren’t too many areas not designed like this, so this might mean being confined to a scene or not having any options if the environment is bothering you. Should you realize that working in the attractions isn’t your thing, please just let us know and we’ll more than likely be able to find a position that keeps you involved with us outside of the actual attractions!

Please keep in mind that you are not the only person on staff and we will ultimately need to make decisions to accommodate all staff requests as fairly as possible while also making decisions that are going to create the best show possible. Since things do arise (such as last minute call offs or someone needing to leave early), there will always be a chance we will need to move your scene, regardless of your request but will always do everything we can to make it up to you in that instance. We want you to have fun here and will always place you in your scene choices as long as they’re communicated to us in advance (meaning before your shift) and we can make sure we’re taking other requests into consideration as well. There may be nights where we need to place you somewhere that isn’t your first choice, but it won’t be permanent, so just hang in there and keep a good attitude with us knowing you’re helping us make the show the best it can be, helping the team out, and that we’ll do everything in our power to get you back to your preferred scene as soon as we’re able!

Request Scene

Use the link below if you would like to request to be in a specific scene. We will not respond to emails with scene requests.

Anti-Scene Request

Use the link below if you are not able to work a certain scene or role. We will not respond to emails with scene