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Fear Columbus 2023: The Pinnacle of Haunted Houses in Columbus, Ohio

COLUMBUS, OH – The chill in the air isn’t the only thing giving Ohio residents goosebumps this fall. If you’re searching for the best “Columbus Haunted Houses,” look no further: Fear Columbus stands out as the premier Halloween destination in Ohio.

2023 promises a hauntingly immersive experience, reinforcing Fear Columbus’s reputation in the “haunted houses in Columbus, Ohio” realm. With movie-quality sets, expertly trained actors, and state-of-the-art technology, it’s clear why it tops the list of Columbus Haunted Houses.

What Sets Fear Columbus Apart in 2023?

‘Devil’s Night’ at Fear Columbus immerses visitors into the eerie world of Fearwood High School. A tale of students who unwittingly invoke a menacing force, it’s no wonder this attraction is creating a buzz among haunted house enthusiasts in Columbus.

Dive deeper into the dark with ‘The Summoning: Darkest Depths’. With cult mysteries and otherworldly summons, it’s a heart-pounding journey that solidifies Fear Columbus’s rank in the Columbus haunted scene.

Shop, Snap, & Savor at the Fear Gear Store

For those typing “Columbus Haunted House experiences with souvenirs,” the Fear Gear Store won’t disappoint. Exclusive merchandise, Halloween snacks, drinks, and our famous Fear Columbus cheesecake dessert awaits. Plus, our selfie stations and group photo ops guarantee that your Fear Columbus memories will last long after the scares subside.

Ticketing Info for Ohio’s Top Haunted House Experience

In a step to modernize the haunted house experience in Columbus, Fear Columbus has transitioned to online-only ticketing. Prices fluctuate based on demand, so check early and often to secure your spot.

For those seeking the ultimate haunted house experience in Columbus, Ohio, Fear Columbus delivers unmatched thrills. Dive into the epicenter of fear this Halloween – only at Fear Columbus.

"Ohio's Ultimate Halloween Event"


2023 Devil's Night Trailer

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What is Fear Columbus?

Top Rated Columbus Haunted Houses

Fear Columbus stands out as the premier “Columbus Haunted House” experience. As one of Ohio’s most expansive and intricately designed haunted house attractions, it offers multiple immersive events all under one roof. Visitors can expect photo ops, a dedicated retail store, spine-chilling scares, a troupe of expertly trained actors, stunning costumes and makeup, a cutting-edge sound system, and movie-grade set designs. With unbeatable customer service and local ownership, the Fear Columbus haunted house is undoubtedly the go-to Halloween destination in Columbus, Ohio.

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