New Employee Resources

Links for new Employee Paperwork, the Handbook, and Haunt Scheduler

New Employee Paperwork

This is for employees only and is not the application.

Please fill this form out once you’ve been hired at Fear Columbus.

This needs to be filled out in it’s entirety before you are able to work your first shift. You will not be able to work until we’ve got this on file, strictly for your safety and benefit. This is also all the info we need to be able to pay you, so make sure it’s accurate and complete!

Employee Handook

Here you will find literally everything you need to know upon getting hired at Fear Columbus. With the spirit of total transparency and inclusion in mind, this contains (but is not limited to) rules, regulations, guidelines, safety procedures, and all general information about our business that will set you up for the best possible experience as part of the Fear Columbus Team. 

This will always be here for your reference. Although we definitely don’t expect you to memorize every single thing, please make sure to get acquainted with it before your first shift. This will help us all remain on the same page and we’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have before your first shift!

As we grow and change as a business, or if any staff member brings up something worth noting in the Handbook, it will be updated and can be viewed immediately upon the update. You will only need to sign this once, but we will always make you aware of any changes or updates as they happen. We reserve the right to update or change anything in the handbook at any time and for any reason and promise to make these changes solely based on what’s best for your success and wellbeing as well as for us as a business. 

Haunt Scheduler

This program is what you’ll use for all things scheduling!

Once registered, you will receive an email instructing you on how to use this system. It’s super easy and straight forward!

You will be able to view your schedule/position once you’re all set up. This is also what you’ll use to clock in/out for your shifts. Your hours will be recorded and available on your profile as well.

It is completely up to you to keep an accurate record of your hours worked.
This means clocking in and out on time. The time that you clock in is when you’ll start getting paid. Forgetting to clock out will result in your hours manually being adjusted to the time the doors close, not the time you’re dismissed. Forgetting to clock in at all will result in not getting paid for that shift.

*Makeup Artists: If you are doing makeup and then working as either an actor or event staff member when we open, clock in on Haunt Scheduler after you complete makeup for the night. There is a sheet at each station to track your makeup hours which will need to be manually added to payroll by us. If you are working another position outside of makeup, that position will be displayed in Haunt Scheduler and you will be made aware of your makeup schedule via email.

We believe in paying you for all the work you do, but with a staff of over 100 people, it is not possible for us to keep an accurate mental record for every operational night. Please help us make sure we’re able to pay you accurately by clocking in and out correctly for each shift!