New Employee Resources

Links for new Employee Paperwork, the Handbook, and Haunt Scheduler

New Employee Paperwork

This is for employees only and is not the application.

Please fill these forms out once you’ve been hired at Fear Columbus.

These need to be filled out in their entirety before you are able to work your first shift. You will not be able to work until we’ve got this on file, strictly for your safety and benefit. This is also all the info we need to be able to pay you, so make sure it’s accurate and complete!

Employee Handbook

View and Sign the Employee Handbook.

Haunt Scheduler

This program is what you’ll use for all things scheduling!

Once registered, you will receive an email instructing you on how to use this system. It’s super easy and straight forward!

You will be able to view your schedule/position once you’re all set up. This is also what you’ll use to clock in/out for your shifts. Your hours will be recorded and available on your profile as well.


This is the main platform we use to keep in touch with each other as a staff for fun stuff! It was created by the staff for things like tips, tricks, rideshares, sneak peaks, and more! This is totally optional to join and is just a way to keep in touch in between the season and events.