Employee Resources

Links to Important Cast Information

This page will grow with time and include links to any forms you may need to fill out! It will also become a resource for online training in the future as well!

Employee Information Form

This form must be completed prior to entering the building on your first day of work. This can not be filled out in person and must be completed in advance.

Employee Handook

This employee handbook must be completed prior to your first day of work.  This is your link to review the handbook at any time for changes. Please note that the handbook can change at anytime without notice and it is the responsibility of each employee to review changes from time to time. You do not need to resign the handbook after changes.

Haunt Scheduler

We use Haunt Scheduler for our time-clock, scheduling and placement system.  You will clock-in and clock-out every night you work on a computer in the actor lounge. You will use your email and birthday to clock-in. You will also use this system to update your availability, request time off, and more. 

Call Off Request

Please use the link below if you need to call off for a night you are currently scheduled for. 

Need Help?

We have over 100 employees on staff so we do ask that you keep communication to email so it stays organized. We are very quick to reply to emails! Please understand on nights that we aren’t open we reply during normal office hours of 9am-6pm.

Employment Application

You can use the link below if you have friends who would like to apply for a job with us! All actors must be 16 years of age and have reliable transportation.