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Welcome to the Fear Columbus Cast Page!

Here you will find all the resources you’ll need as an employee at Fear Columbus. If you are not a current employee at Fear Columbus, there isn’t anything you’ll need here. However, if you’d like to become one, you can fill out an application found at the very bottom of this page!

This page will grow with time and include links to any forms you may need to fill out. We will also eventually use this page for virtual training!

Upcoming Events

Listed below are the dates for our 2022 Haunt Season!


Scheduling will be done as far in advance before and during the season as possible (at least two weeks, but sooner if your availability is in). Everyone will be marked as “available” and will need to submit a call off request no later than two weeks in advance in order to take the night off. Saturdays in October are not available for call off requests. We will begin scheduling as soon as August 19.

Call Times

It’s important to note that the times listed below are operational hours only and do not include call times. Call times for the season are as follows.





Please make sure to be on time! If you have a conflict (such as work or school) and know you’ll be a little late, just let us know ahead of time via the staff@fearcolumbus.com email. Day of/last minute delays or call offs should be communicated ASAP via the staff phone number. We should never have to reach out to you asking where you’re at. Please be proactive in communicating!

Please also note that the “end time” listed is when doors close, and you will be dismissed when the last guest has gone through your scene. This usually never exceeds 30-45 minutes past doors closing and we will always do our best to communicate if we’re going to run later. However, we run all our events off timed ticketing and will not sell tickets past our last time slot to avoid staying late.

If you are relying on a ride home, please pass this information along to them ahead of time so they’re aware and make sure it’s something you’re still able to commit to. 

Quick Links


Interested in working for Fear Columbus? Click this link for more info and to fill out an application!

Contact Info

Click here to view ll the resources you need in order to contact us regarding anything you need!

Employee Handbook

View the Employee Handbook and stay up to date with us

Employee Request Forms

Click here to access the Call Off Request and Scene Request Forms.

Event Descriptions

Click here to view our 2022 Event Schedule and Descriptions!

Haunt Scheduler

Click here to access Haunt Scheduler and the current event schedule.

Leads and Managers

Click here for all Lead and Manager Forms.

Meet the Team

Click here to meet our Core Team and learn a little about us.

New Employees

Just hired? Click here to complete all new employee registration work.


Click here for Haunt Rules and Guidelines!

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