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Due to the intense nature of this attraction parental discretion is advised. This haunted house contains loud sounds, fog and strobe effects, low lighting, intense special effects, sudden movements, and mature subject matter.

Any horseplay or failure to follow posted guidelines may result in serious injury or expulsion from the facility.

location & parking

Persons with the following conditions should not experience this haunted house

Fear Columbus Haunted House
2605 Northland Plaza Dr.
Columbus, Ohio 43231

There is ample free parking for all guests directly on site! When entering the parking lot please drive slow and be alert! We usually have lots of scared customers running to their vehicles and want to keep everyone safe.

The front row of the parking lot will be blocked off with cones to keep it clear as a fire lane. If you need to drop off or pickup guests please do so in any area that doesn’t slow down the flow of traffic.

your Entry Time

Very important!

Please arrive on site 15 minutes prior to your selected Entry Time and wait in your vehicle until it is your Entry Time.

Your Entry Time is listed on your tickets. You selected this time when you purchased your tickets. Your Entry Time is the time you are permitted to join the waiting line.  Timed Entry will reduce your wait time compared to traditional haunted houses, however it does not completely eliminate the wait time.

If you would like to reduce or eliminate your wait in line we have Fast Pass and Immediate Access tickets available.  If you purchase one of these options please follow signage for the appropriate line. 

covid-19 INFO

how we are staying scary safe

We have invested a considerable amount of time and resources into operating a safe and entertaining attraction in light of COVID-19.

We will be following whatever the current mandates and requirements for our business are. Wearing a mask is highly encouraged especially if you are unvaccinated.  Please check local city, county and state websites the morning of your visit to make sure you are prepared.  Anyone is welcome to wear a medical facial covering while attending if they feel more comfortable doing so. 

If you have any of the symptoms outlined below by the CDC we ask that you stay home. You may change your ticket to a different date right from our website if you need to.
– Cough
– Fever
– Chills
– Muscle pain
– Shortness of breath
– Difficulty breathing
– Sore throat
– Loss of taste and/or smell

Safety & security

All guests are required to go through a walk-through metal detector and security checkpoint handled by a professionally trained 3rd party security company as well as the Columbus Police Department.  To ensure the safety of all guests and employees, there is a strict no-weapons policy while anywhere on the property

Please do not bring anything of value inside the facility. Fear Columbus is a very intense and interactive haunted house.Because of the jump scares, claustrophobic scenes, running, ect we do not want you to lose a valuable possession. We don’t want to spoil anything but lets just say you will understand why we are so strict on this rule after you complete the attraction!

Any item you intend to bring inside the facility must be fully secured in a pocket. You can not enter the attraction holding any items in your hands.

No bags of any kind are permitted inside the facility or waiting line. 

Group Photo Op

You will receive a group photo at the beginning of the attraction. Please make certain the photographer hands you your Photo Card with your photo code printed on it. Store this card safely in a pocket. There is no way to lookup your photo if this card is lost.

At the end of the attraction you will take your photo card up to the register at the Fear Gear store and you can view your photo or purchase a printed copy.

Keep Moving

Keep A Steady Pace Inside The Attractions

Keep Moving at All Times!
Once you enter the attraction it is extremely important that you keep walking at a steady pace at all times. We want to ensure the groups behind you and ahead of you have a great time too.

Stopping or walking very slowly at any point hinders the experience for the group behind of you. Running is dangerous and it also hinders the experience for the group ahead of you. We use security cameras and timers to space out groups at the entrance but it is up to our guests to keep the spacing by walking at a steady pace.

Please be aware that our attraction is specifically designed for a constant high throughput of customers. Do not stop just because you see the group ahead of you. You will see other groups at times, this is ok. We have multiple different scares in rooms so everyone gets scares even on busy nights!

If you feel like the group around you acted in any way that resulted in you not having the best experience possible please make sure to let us know so we can work with you to make it right. Please email with any concerns and we will help!

Attraction Rules

No Touching Props or Actors!
The safety of our guests and staff is our first priority. Failure to follow this rule will result in immediate removal from the facility without a refund. 

Avoid Heels or Flip Flops!
Please refrain from wearing heels or flip flop shoes. The attraction is fast paced, has ramps and uneven surfaces. For your safety we highly recommend closed toed shoes. 

No Cameras Inside the Attraction!
You may take as many pictures as you would like while in line or in the Fear Gear store. However once you enter the attraction absolutely no photos or videos are permitted. If you are caught recording you will be asked to leave without a refund. 

No Food, Drinks, Bottles, Lighters, Weapons, Recording Devices, Glow Sticks or Flashlights are permitted inside!

Change Your Tickets

Change Your Date or Time

If you can no longer make it to the date and time you originally selected you may change your tickets to any available options. This change can only be done online through our customer portal and can not be done in person, over the phone, or via an email request. Please click the link below to learn how to change your info.

Upgrade Your Ticket

On nights with discounted tickets or peak weekends in October we highly suggest upgrading to a Fast Pass or Immediate Upgrade ticket. This can also only be done through our customer portal and can not be handle over the phone, in person, or via an email request. Click the link below to learn how to upgrade your ticket.

Health warning

Make sure to review the following medical advisory. If there is anything you are unsure of please reach out to your doctor for guidance.

Medical Sensitivity to Strobe Effects

Do not enter if someone in you are sensitive to strobe lights or other flashing lighting conditions. We utilize over 100 strobe lights throughout the attraction including the waiting line.

Medical Sensitivity to Fog Effects

Do not enter if you have asthma or other medical sensitivity to fog. We utilize heavy usage of water based fog machines throughout the attraction. 

Fear of Enclosed Spaces

Do not enter if you suffer from claustrophobia or other fears of tight or enclosed spaces. 

Recent Surgery or conditions that may be aggravated by this experience

Fear Columbus is a very intense and physically demanding experience. We do not recommend anyone with heart conditions or pacemakers go through the attraction. 


The entire attraction is ADA accessible. A standard size, non-powered, wheelchair can navigate the attraction with no trouble. Electric or oversized wheelchairs are not permitted. Please reach out to if you have questions or if you will need extra help from our team upon arrival. We would be more than happy to help!

Support Center

Have a more specific question? Our support center has dozens or articles answering all our frequently asked questions. Check it out at the link below!

Age Restriction
Fear Columbus is not recommended for children. Anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a legal guardian. 

Fear Columbus is not responsible for any lost or stolen items inside or outside of the facility or anything left in your vehicle. 

Also, be sure to secure your phones while walking through the haunt, we will not stop operation for you to find your phone, and we will not look for lost items until the following day.

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