I Tested Positive For Covid. Can I Get A Refund?

We have a strict no refunds policy and this includes any COVID related situations.

However there are a few options we recommend:

You are allowed to change the date of your tickets to any date that has availability. If you would like to wait until you are feeling better and have a negative test you can then reschedule online. We recommend selecting a date that is the same price as your original date and it won’t cost you anything to switch. We do not add change fees however if you want to transfer to a date that is more expensive you will need to pay the difference.

You may also sell your tickets or give them to a friend. The name on the ticket doesn’t need to match the actual guest attending. So you can simply pass your tickets off to them without having to do any complicated transfer.

Why don’t we offer refunds for COVID?
Any major live event that is ticketed has a no refunds policy and we are no different. We do not feel its right for us to decide who does and doesn’t get a refund and we wanted to make it fair between all customers. We have our refund policy posted countless times on our website because we want our customers to understand this policy prior to purchasing tickets.  We have also invested considerable time and money into creating a system that enables our guests to reschedule online. We ultimately hope all guests who experience COVID symptoms take the time to rest and get better and come back at a later date.

We highly encourage our guests to buy their tickets early in the season and close to the date they are actually attending.  This way if you are unable to attend you have plenty of time to reschedule for a future date.

Updated on September 10, 2021

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